July 11, 2010

Human Trafficking Help Links

Below are a number of organizations, initiatives, and sites that have various statistics and ways that you can help prevent or stop human trafficking and assist in the restoration process. Get informed - get involved - get connected - get creative! (While we provide these links as a help, we cannot vouch for each of these programs personally, so please feel free to contact and speak with them further as you seek out who to partner with.)

The film: Olivia's Song

Olivia's Song from Clay Parker on Vimeo.

Olivia's Song Frequently-Asked Questions

What is Olivia's Song?
"Olivia's Song" is a short film (approximately 18-1/2 minutes long) wrapped around a music video for artist Jon Simpson's song "Olivia." The film unflinchingly addresses the difficult topic of human trafficking, putting a face on the suffering of hundreds of thousands and touching on the promise of hope that we can all be a part of bringing into reality.

Where can I see it?
Olivia's Song is available on the internet (currently on this site as well as on Vimeo), as well as live presentations.

Tell me about the live presentations of Olivia's Song.
One of our passions with the Olivia's Song project is to present the film in front of as many live audiences as possible. The reason for this comes down to our desire to ensure that this film is accompanied by a human presence that can give immediate, concrete ways for people to respond. We don't want to just educate; we don't want to just make people feel; we want to see people have the opportunity to take action. Check out the Olivia's Song promotional trailer on this site, or on YouTube or Vimeo for more information. Bottom line: We do not "charge" for the film and we're willing to travel to any location in order to present it. In return, one of the main things we ask is that you cover the cost of our travel arrangements and provide food and lodging during our stay - we feel this is a minor investment when compared to the vast size of the issue of human trafficking. Obviously if you live outside of the Atlanta, GA area (where we're based) it will be more effective for us to have multiple showings in your vicinity in order to share the cost. We'd be happy to help you navigate this as well. Please let us know (through Facebook or Jon's web site) if you want more info or would like to bring this film to your community.

How can I stay updated on public showings or other news about Olivia's Song?
A good way is to become a fan of Olivia's Song on Facebook. We'll be doing our best to keep this updated with the most current information on the project, including public showings.

What is the rating of Olivia's Song?
While Olivia's Song hasn't been assigned any official rating, we'd personally rate it PG-13. The film contains a few intense scenes that we feel are not suitable for children's viewing. The images are not gratuitous in any way, yet accurately represent the dark reality of human trafficking. The feedback we've received from those involved in the rescue and recovery of victims of human trafficking (and have seen Olivia's Song) has been that the film tells the story that these victims may never be able to tell for themselves.

Who is Jon Simpson?
Jon Simpson is an artist who tours internationally and often partners with various nonprofit organizations. Jon composed the music for Olivia's Song, and his song "Olivia" - which appears in the film - served as the catalyst for the film. You can find out more about Jon and his music at his web site BugNogMusic.com.

Who is Clay Parker?
Clay Parker is an independent filmmaker/videographer. Clay wrote the screenplay for Olivia's Song, as well as directing, filming, and editing the project.